What is a Newfypoos?

The Newfypoo, also known as the Newdle or Newfoundland Poodle mix, is a designer dog breed that results from crossing a Newfoundland with a Standard Poodle. As a hybrid breed, the Newfypoo can inherit characteristics from both parent breeds.

Cosmic River Groodles enjoy being part of your family’s everyday life, they enjoy regular interaction with other animals so keep up the socialisation. They are great family companions and wellbeing dogs in home environments and clinical practices. They enjoy training and do well with a casual walk and socialisation to Agility along with being Therapy and Assistance dogs. If you are looking for a dog who can suit multiple environments and lifestyles then a Groodle may be the right fit for you.

Height: Mini 35cm – 42cm, Medium 45cm-52cm, Standard 50cm – 60cm
Weight: Mini 5kgs – 15kgs, Medium 15kg-22kg, Standard 20kg- 40kg
Lifespan: 10-14 years
Best Suited For: Families with children, active singles and seniors, houses with yards
Temperament: Friendly, gentle, smart, affectionate
Comparable Breeds: Golden Retriever, Poodle


Can I come and meet my puppy and their parents?

When we have a litter of puppies we encourage where possible for families to come and meet their potential newest family member between 2-6 weeks. We do like to keep the pups protected for the first two weeks while they are most susceptible to potential infections from external sources.

Where are our puppies raised?

We have tried to set up a safe and fun place for our dogs to live with us. Our property is fenced for the welfare of our dogs and our grandchildren. When possible, we do all grooming on site and commence this while your puppy is with us starting at 6 weeks for their first bath, for our older dogs we also utilise the services of a professional groomer. We have a climate-controlled room set up for our girls whelping their puppies, so they can all remain as comfortable as possible. When not specifically being used as a nursery, this is a good space for our dogs during either the hotter or cooler months should they want to go in to get out of the elements. We often joke the dog shed is set up better than our house and we do spend a lot of evenings watching tv with them. We find doing this allows our older and younger dogs to socialise in a home like environment preparing the younger pups for home life when they go off to their new families.

What age can the puppies go to their new homes?

Most puppies are ready to go to their ‘furever’ home at the age of 8-9 weeks, however this depends on each puppy and the advice of the veterinary service we use.

Do Cosmic River Groodles and Cavoodles fly puppy’s interstate or internationally?

Yes, we are more than happy to assist with arrangements for a Cosmic River puppy to be flown to their new families. We will arrange a quote and confirm with the family prior to booking as this is an additional cost.

Do Cosmic River always have puppies?

No we do not always have puppies. We breed our girls when we have families who have already registered for one of our pups and decided a CRO puppy is who they want for their next family member. We rarely advertise as our litters are generally spoken for before they are delivered it is usually matching the pup to the family so it is only very occasionally that we puppies who could potentially need to find their forever home.

Do we keep our dogs in cages or penned?

Our dogs are all raised and kept in home environments. Whether they live with us permanently or living with a family on breeder’s terms they live their entire lives as part of a family. If they are out with their forever family on breeding terms, they come back to us for holidays and this affords us the opportunity to keep a check on their temperament, coat and behaviours to determine if they still meet our strict guidelines for our breeding dogs. If they do not meet this then they will be desexed, if they have issues with pregnancy or do not like being a parent they are desexed either way they are already a loved family member so their lived continue the same from puppy to adulthood with their forever family. Our dogs and those who come to stay with us are mainly out with us around the farm, in our home, or going for outings to the park or lake or visiting friends with us and our dogs. We do have yards, there is a dog park for them to play in a safe area on our 5 acres and we have a puppy park for younger pups these are the areas families visiting see so they see where and how we raise our puppies.

What are their personalities like?

We believe that all our dogs all her their own unique personalities however their temperaments are quite similar, they are all a fun-loving family members. They can become wonderful therapy dogs or service dogs and we do aim to help families looking for these traits to find a suitable pup. It is our belief with the right start having happy healthy mums and dads and raising them in a loving safe environment with plenty of socialising our pups are all exceptional.