About Cate the Breeder

I have always had a love for animals, which was encouraged while growing up, with a wide range of family pets.
I chose my Work Experience placement at the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne, and was fortunate to see the great work by the dedicated staff working to take care of the many homeless or injured animals who came through their doors. This only further cemented my love for animals.

As an adult, I progressed to working as a Ranger with a local council and was given the opportunity to manage the local Pound services. I quickly realised the system needed some tweaking. To be adopted it needed to benefit the Council, the animals who came into the care of the council and potentially other likeminded pet rescue organisations. There were just too many dogs were being put to sleep. So we set about setting up a program to rehome the pound dogs through animal welfare agencies and increasing promotions in the local area which led to the first Pet Expo for the Shire which is still an annual event.

As an adult I had developed an allergy to animal hair, this did not dim my love or desire to have animals in my life I just needed to be a little more careful, but work colleagues did joke about the ranger with the allergies to animals.

Over the years have had a range of family pets including Dogs, Cats and Horses, along with the recuse animals that would come and go. We have had Blue Heelers, Golden Retrievers with our first being a five-year-old rescue boy called Bill and a poodle girl who thought she was a blue heeler cattle dog.

After researching different breeds, I discovered the Groodle breed who were being bred to help those with allergies. I was so impressed by what I read about the breed, and through our own pets and their personalities that I knew these dogs could really make a difference to other allergy sufferers.

Research also showed this was not a breed that ended up in the pound through neglectful owners, but they were typically a very much-loved family member. There have since been Oodle rescue groups that have started up and if any dogs do need new homes, they have a very thorough and successful rehoming program. Still if I was going to breed any dog I definitely did not want to be responsible in any way for potentially increasing the number of dogs in pounds and rescue groups so I give all families a lifetime guarantee with their pup, and guarantee to take the pup back at any stage and I will find a suitable home for them.

All our dogs enjoy a healthy well-balanced diet, regular grooming sessions, along with weekly brushing and playtime. This is regardless of being with us or with any of our wonderful guardian homes.
Our puppies are well socialised from the time they are born, during playtime both with each other and their mums, to being handled by our family and socialised with our adult dogs along with our family and friends and with the general public during walks to local parks.


We are often asked if we are empty-nesters, replacing our children with dogs, maybe it is just because we love animals and are in the fortunate position to be with them most days having the opportunity of working from home. We are blessed that our lives revolve around our family, our grandchildren, and our dogs, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

While we started breeding Groodles and Cavoodles on our 80 Acre property just outside of Shepparton we have now moved and set up, an hour out of Melbourne, this is where we live with our dogs, as they are very much part of our family.